Dave Stathos Goalie Performance Center is located within the RinkEye Development Center in Kanata, Ontario, a few steps from the Ottawa Senators’ Canadian Tire Centre. The Center is one of the largest of it’s kind totaling over 10,000 square feet of technological hockey training with specific areas for shooting, skating, stick handling, and of course goalie training.

We have 2 synthetic ice rinks with full boards and glass, including one specifically for goalie training, 6 shooting lanes featuring the latest hockey technologies, a multipsort simulator (just like the one at the hall of fame), and a party/board room.

The Center was inspired from many other hockey training facilities from around the world and features the latest technology for hockey training including the Nike Spark Vapor Strobe glasses that we use for on-ice visual training.

The Goalie Performance Center rink also uses multiple cameras providing multi-angle video feedback on split screen including slow motion video analysis. It also features an on-ice UHD TV screen allowing the goalies to get instant video feedback during the on-ice sessions. This system is the first of its kind and represents the latest advancement in goalie training. It was designed by Dave Stathos himself and developed in partnership with several technology companies specifically for this center.